Hiya! I’m  Duniya, nice to meet you.  Thanks for having a nose around my new site, I hope you like it.

I decided to start duniya.life because I just love all things fashion and beauty related and want share my take on it with you and whoever else wants to listen.

                                                                    I know as well as anyone being either a busy mum, a professional, a student, or all of the above, how hard it is to keep up with the ever changing industry that has us hooked.  Having been all these things at one point or another it’s only now that I truly feel comfortable with my style and beauty choices.

Something that I have learned over the years (and through many fashion disasters, those who know me will remember the electric blue PVC jacket and skirt combo I tried to rock in my twenties, thank goodness there are no pictures of it) is that you need to understand your shape and your skin tone in order to accentuate your best bits with either a classic look or the latest trends.  If you can find one thing on the site that helps you figure it out I will be happy, but the most important thing is to try try try. Try that new lipstick, try different styles on, try something classic or that new trend you’ve had you eye on, you might just love it.

Since starting the blog I find myself double checking my outfit or makeup choices each day, it’s made my fall back in love with my wardrobe and of course given me a nice excuse to make some cheeky additions! But if reading this only makes you take another look at how you can make the most of what you have, then job done.

If you want to see what my style looks like, I post a monthly update click here to find out more.

Duniya Moore


  1. Love the photos, they are inspirational. I love the blue of your top in the main picture. It really suits you. You have made me think about my wardrobe, and I think that I need to get rid of a few things, and then of course I will need to fill those gaps. Hope my husband isn’t reading this!!! He won’t mind if it’s make up or nail polish!

    • Thanks for your kind comments Sally. I think we should all have a wardrobe review every so often, especially as we transition to a new season. Don’t forget if you need any help you can take up my Personal Styling service, just email contact@duniya.life.

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