Have you ever wished you were one of those women who had one trusty pair of jeans that went with everything? I used to wish that but I feel like if that were true I would be missing out on my Denim Rainbow.  Are you singing now? Me too I can’t get the song out of my head!

So I’m not going to tell you how silly I felt standing on a stool over my bed trying to take these photographs, oops it think it just did?! But I hope it allows me to illustrate my point, which I will get to in a minute, I promise. And before you say it I know what you are thinking, well if she was going to that much trouble taking photos then the least she could do was iron the jeans first.  I don’t iron my jeans when I wear them let alone just for a picture so if you think that’s happening you’ve got the wrong girl!

Anyway, back to my original point, if you rely on the same old jeans to do the job for all your looks then you are missing out on making the most of the best pieces in your wardrobe.  I think I must have over twenty pairs of jeans just because I like things to look just right.  Now if I have to put a limit on how many pairs you need then I would say five, ok don’t shout three then, at the absolute minimum.  Those being; a dark wash/ indigo pair; mid wash/ medium blue and you always need a black pair.

So to show you why I have taken more pictures of un-ironed clothes, stop sniggering I can hear you.

Denim rainbow

The leopard print top, another essential you can always rely on, matches best with the darker jeans i.e. black or indigo.  Whereas they just won’t do the neon yellow top justice, the bright top deserves some bright or light wash jeans to set it off, do you agree?  The same is true vice versa, the leopard top just wouldn’t  look as stylish with the bright or light coloured jeans.

Now, all these jeans just happen to be ‘skinny’ (much unlike me!) so don’t even get me started on the cut of your jeans and how that changes things, but next time you pull on your jeans and zip up just think *sings* “do I need my rainbow…..need my rainbow? Yes I do….”

Duniya Moore

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