If you missed out on the first part of this feature (because you were distracted by looking at shoes and cakes in one hit, I don’t blame you!) catch up here, DRESSING THE BIRTHDAY GIRL – PART 1.

Since putting together my initial selection for the birthday girl to wear at her party, we have been communicating via Pinterest to home in on her preferred looks.  Pinterest is a great tool for online shopping, having only tried it out recently for myself I am already completely hooked.

If like me you write lists; take iPhone pictures or just try to remember where you saw things you like online, then you will know what a nightmare it can be.  With Pinterest it couldn’t be simpler, you literally just pin the things you like to your boards.

Here is an example, my Pinterest board for this feature:

My client and I have been pinning to a secret board, adding comments as to what we like ready for our shopping trip. That way we can be super efficient, knowing in advance where to go for the looks we want to try.  Being so organised means extra time for a makeup counter makeover and some delicious lunch,  makes perfect sense.

Here are some of the things we hope to try as I have established  my client would like a look with sleeves, not too short and likes the idea of a skirt so it has more potential to be worn for other events.  Look out soon for the next update.

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