Hooray it’s shopping time and best of all, shopping in London!  If you have missed what we were shopping for and why catch up here.

We went shopping for dresses on a beautiful sunny day in London and had a really brilliant time.  Most of all because my client finished the day with a huge smile on her face.  I was actually really pleased she was still smiling as we had tried on soo many dresses, I’m surprised she was still standing!

As you know from Part 2 we had our plan of action prepared and knew which shops to head for first.  When we arrived at our first destination, picturing our Pinterest picks, we headed in different directions to choose dresses to try.  Choosing separately worked really well as my client chose things she liked, but I chose dresses that were completely out of her comfort zone in both colour and cut that she would have walked straight past.

My client tried the dresses and I took pictures (for her eyes only) so I could explain the colours to complement her beautiful skin tone, and the styles to accentuate her fabulous figure.

Me patiently waiting outside the changing rooms!

Me patiently waiting outside the changing rooms!

The point was to highlight dresses she had previously dismissed, actually looked amazing on her. It was a really productive and successful shop even though we didn’t find the dress, my client was armed with the confidence to continue looking with a new perspective.

Keep a look out to see whether we find the perfect dress to match what will be the perfect summer party.

Duniya Moore

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