Do you have a ‘go to’ makeup and skincare brand that you know, love and trust to suit your needs? It took me a while to find mine but I know I can always head a certain counter and leave feeling happy with another quality addition to my collection.

I say it took me a while, in the lead up to my wedding ten years ago, as most brides to be do, I went for some makeup trials to see what was out there and what suited me.  I had lots of trials and at that time I didn’t really wear a lot of makeup, as a young twenty something concealer, foundation and blusher were a bit alien to me. I was a solid mascara and eyeliner kind of girl, so thinking about a full face of bridal makeup was quite a change to my usual look.

After trying lots of different options including lots of trips to all those beauty counter brands you see in most department stores and a trial with an independent makeup artist there was one brand that stood out far above the rest, yep you guessed it – Lancôme.

One of the most important things for me was a natural look, after all I didn’t need to and wasn’t used to wearing lots of makeup.  Their foundation wasn’t heavy and matched my skin tone beautifully, the eyeshadow colours were very complementary and the lady at the beauty counter was very good at her job!  She made what can be an intimidating experiance into a very enjoyable one.  I left with a bag full of Lancôme goodies but most importantly I left with a trustee brand that I knew worked for me.

Here is the look, such a long time age, September 2004.

Here is the look, such a long time ago, September 2004.


My amazing husband, looking very young!


Such a beautiful day, one of the best of my life.

I have been using Lancôme ever since then, it’s the kind of loyalty that those huge brands pay millions for in advertising but as far as I’m concerned it was a win/win situation, they invested the time in matching my needs in the consultation and I stuck with them because of it.  It you haven’t found what works for you yet, get out their for some trials.  Leave the makeup on all day so you can test the longevity but don’t feel under any pressure to buy once they have finished.  New makeup can be a big investment but if you make choices based on you own experiance then you are onto a winning formula.

Duniya Moore


  1. I love Clinique and there turn around collection is great. Been using for 10+ years and will not use anything else.

  2. You both look amazing – it must be genetic! Bobbi Brown is my go-to brand, as I love the colours and find the look is always natural.

  3. Wanted to say a big thanks to my beautiful Mum, firstly for joining me for a makeup demo at the Lancome counter I was invited to recently and lastly for letting me use the pic of her looking gorgeous while being the model for the demo (I didn’t force her into it I promise).

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