The event was a long awaited joint fiftieth birthday party celebration.  The fantastic venue was Vesta Rowing Club, Embankment, London.  The evening was beautifully sunny and bright.  The birthday girl, Ruth Cassidy outshone all of the above in her stunning outfit topped off with her gorgeous beaming smile.

Ruth, 50, is a London based children’s magazine editor and spent the evening celebrating her and her husband Dominic’s fiftieth birthday with friends and family.


As you know from Part 3 we tried on lots and lots of dresses but by the end of the (very long!) day our session gave Ruth a new found confidence knowing the styles and colours that accentuated all her best attributes.  Having been on something of a journey to find the dress, and armed with all the information she needed, I am extremely pleased to say Ruth actually found the dress, what an amazing job she did finding her stunning Karen Millen ‘Painterly Stripe Print’ dress.


I will take some credit for the dress as Ruth put it “I would never have tried it before our shopping trip!” and I take full credit for the bolero (we found on the original shopping trip) and shoes I found online after Ruth chose the dress.

At the end of the evening it was a special moment when Ruth admitted she had finally realised from our experiance together that it hasn’t been her and/ or her body shape that has made finding dresses difficult in the past, it was that she wasn’t looking for the right dress, and boy does the right dress make all the difference, just gorgeous.

Ruth’s outfit:


Karen Millen Painterly Stripe Print silk pencil dress; Damsel In A Dress Amelia Rosa shrug; Paul Andrew Iris Leather Rhea Slingback shoes.

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Duniya Moore

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  1. Shopping and choosing outfits with you was really a life-changing experience, Duniya! The confidence it gave me will stay with me now that I know how to shop for my body shape. Thank you so much. Ruth x

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