I haven’t worn eyeshadow for a long, long time.  It used to be my favourite item of make-up and over the years I have built up quite a collection of different colours.  Since falling in love with lipstick, particularly with the wide array of matte colours now available I have neglected my eyeshadow look. The look I generally go for is either a strong lip or eye I don’t feel that I can pull off both together.

As you know from Dressing The Birthday Girl Part 1, I have recently started using Pinterest and I am hooked , it’s so amazing I can’t believe I haven’t discovered it before now.  It’s so easy to use and suggests so many different ideas to you depending on which categories you follow.  Naturally I am following fashion and beauty and when the Pin below came up as a suggestion I loved the colours and thought they would suit my skin tone, plus I knew in my collection I had similar colours so would be able to have a go at replicating the look.


The picture below shows all the products I used to replicate the look.  I’m just going to concentrate on the details for the eyeshadow in this post, if you want any details on the other products, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you.

I love it when products and clothes are given ‘names’, the eyeshadow I used is called ‘April In Paris’ how fantastic! It’s a Lancôme duo, the green is a mixture between a light mint and a spring green, complemented by a really natural looking pinky peach colour.  When I saw the Pin on Pinterest I thought the duo would be perfect to copy the look.  Along with ‘April In Paris’ I used ‘The New Black’ from the Lancôme quad I received as a free sample but any metallic black or darker colour would do.

Starting with the green I added the colour from the middle of my eye to the outer corner with my Mac eyeshadow brush.  It’s the brush in the middle, by using a relatively stiff brush you achieve a good coat of the colour as your base.  What I love about Lancôme eyeshadows is that they are buildable, just like the Custom Wear Mascara, to build more layers of colour I used the foam brush included in the duo case.  I slightly dampened the brush, loaded it with colour, then applied.  The dampened brush picks up more of the product and as with most Lancôme eyeshadows if you apply them with a slightly damp brush the colour intensifies and lasts longer.

Once I was happy with the green I filled the inner half of my eye with a light covering of the peach.  To finish the look I used my angled contour and angled eyeliner brushes to apply the black, defining the outer edge of my eye in this > shape.  For extra definition I used my bronze eye pencil along the lower lash line, then rubbed it away with a cotton bud.  That technique allows the sultry smokey effect without a harsh line of eyeliner.  Finally, as per the picture , finished off with a black liquid liner flick.


Unfortunately the Lancôme colours are no longer available, so I have included below some that you can use if you also want to try the look, but don’t have the colours in your makeup bag.  I especially like ‘Cleo’ as you could use the darker green in place of the black.

So we know that my photography skills aren’t the best (!) but I’ve tried to depict the results.  They don’t actually do the eyeshadow justice and I was really pleased with how it looked.  We were out for a Moore family meal and I wore the minty coloured top in the picture above, it set off the green eyeshadow beautifully.


What do you think?


Duniya Moore

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