LOOK 1 – Celebrity Cup Gala Dinner, The Celtic Manor Resort, Newport.


What a great night out, champagne reception, delicious three course dinner, topped of with fantastic company.  They are always the ones aren’t they, the nights out where you think beforehand “do I really want to go out” or “I could just do without this!”, but I’m so glad I got myself out of that funk!! It came about by chance really, my bestie has been desperate to look after our son, so my husband and I had arranged a ‘baby-free’ night but didn’t really have any plans.  Then out of the blue he said he could get us two tickets to the Celebrity Cup Gala Dinner on a table with some of his work colleagues.  Initially I thought why the hell not! Another excuse to get glammed up but then more thoughts kicked in like – what the hell am I going to wear to that?!

As if by chance *winks* I had just found a gorgeous dress from Monsoon to attend a very special party in London (see below and for the full length pic) and at £149 a chance to float around in it at a summer ball couldn’t really have come at a better time, certainly helps the cost per wear calculation!

I wore – Monsoon Minah Dress £149; New Look Bright Pink Slingback Shoes £19.99 (similar below); DKNY Sunshine Yellow Saffiano Leather Cross Body Bag £125.  To give the bag more of an dressed up feel I wrapped the long cross-body strap around the inside once so it became a shoulder bag.


LOOK 2 – Sunday Morning Brunch, The Putney Canteen, London.


The morning after the night before! After travelling up to London for my client Ruth’s 50th birthday party (see Dressing The Birthday Girl) we made the most of being in the Capital and went for brunch on the Sunday morning before heading back home.  After drinking (a lot of free flowing) Prosecco at the party I was surprisingly chirpy (and very hungry) so opted for the ‘Eggs Rancheros’ and the dish didn’t disappoint.  Think of a traditional breakfast pimped up Mexican style – fried eggs and bacon ok nothing out of the ordinary there but add half an avocado, chorizo, a tortilla, re-fried beans and some minty salsa and whey hey brunch is transformed.  It was delicious.

But anyway, back to the outfit, that is what you are here for after all.  I thought I would practice what I preached in A Denim Rainbow and Wimbledon Whites so I wore my oversized white shirt, dark wash jeans and the yellow accessories I am still loving.  I wanted a look that was casual enough for brunch but looked liked I had made a bit of effort.

I wore – BHS White Shirt Cover Up £18; F&F Performance Stretch Super Skinny Indigo Jeans £20; New Look Bright Yellow Sandals £12.99 (similar below) and DKNY bag as above.


LOOK 3 – Pretty Muddy Race For Life, Bute Park, Cardiff.


So, when one of my besties Jo asked if we all wanted to take part in the Race For Life again this year I blindly agreed thinking I was just signing up for the standard 5k course that we have completed a few times previously.  When I receieved the confirmation through saying congratulations on being part of ‘The Unfits’ team for the ‘Pretty Muddy’ Race For Life I thought they had just changed its name, “that’s weird” I thought.  Little did I know (until Jo sent through a video clip) that what we had actually signed up for was the assault course (get yourself well and truly covered in mud – that’s my title for it!) version of the charity race.

Judging by the before and after pictures you can see how muddy we all got, although somehow I managed to get completely covered from head to toe, nothing to do with rolling around in it after the final obstacle, a huge inflatable slide on the first side you had to climb up a cargo net and then the other slide down into a massive pool of mud!

I guess this addition to my style for the month isn’t really about what we wore, although we did all stick to pink tops and you can see more sportswear in Work Up A Sweat In Style, but really it’s about a group of amazing friends getting together to support a really important cause.  Feel free to show your support by donating to our just giving page here.

Duniya Moore

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