Do you think things look better in three’s?  For some reason apparently odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye, I know that concept definitely works for food ascetics but do you think the same applies for silver bracelets?!

I love both silver and gold jewellery and although I have built up a small collection I tend to wear the same pieces every day.  I am quite loyal in that way, I suppose it’s beacause my favourite everyday items actually mean something to me.

The first silver bracelet I was given dates back to c.2003, it was a leaving gift from my friends at my first real job.


Having worked there for three years we had built up great friendships and I was touched when they presented my with the ‘Hot Diamonds’ bracelet. “They are real diamonds you know” one of my colleagues proudly professed.  I’ve worn it everyday since then, it reminds me of the fun we all had working together.

My husband gave me the other two, the Return to Tiffany™ Mini Heart Tag bracelet is still available from Tiffany at £120.



It was a gift when our son was born to say “thank you”, he is very thoughtful and romantic.  The other bracelet and the reason for the post was a gift for my thirtieth birthday.  He had taken me to Cannes for a holiday and I chose the DKNY Polished Open Link bracelet (available from The Jewel Hut £70) as one of my presents.



So when I say I wear them all everyday I am fibbing a tiny bit!  As much as I love the DKNY bracelet it is quite large and clunky, it mostly ends up the wrong way around on my wrist as shown in the second picture of it above.  As we established earlier, things do look better in three’s, so that means I need a new bracelet, what a shame *pulls a pretend sad face*.

I was pleased to find a lot of choice around at the moment.  I think it’s down to the resurgence of the friendship bracelet but there seems to be a lot of brands with really nice silver jewellery on offer.

As always, you can see the full selection on Pinterest along with all the details of where to buy and my top picks are below.  I will post an update of which one I choose as a present for my birthday.


  • Links of London Cubist Bracelet.

Duniya Moore

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